About the College Completion Network

The College Completion Network brings together research teams focused on post-secondary success for students—coordinated by a network lead—to share ideas, build new knowledge, conduct strong research, and share findings. Specifically, the network is working to refine and evaluate interventions for increasing the number of students who earn degrees in open- and broad-access institutions with the goal of providing college leaders and policymakers with reliable evidence on promising strategies.

The College Completion Network includes five research teams. Each team is working on a major research project and participating in collaborative activities with the other teams. The network lead facilitates these activities and supports the network, as well as college leaders and policymakers, through other efforts such as additional research and communication of the network's findings.


The network seeks to achieve four primary goals:

  • Evaluate promising interventions related to college completion
  • Build new knowledge about college completion and postsecondary success
  • Provide policymakers and college leaders with reliable evidence
  • Strengthen the work of the network research teams through collaboration

Watch our video to hear from our network research teams as they discuss the benefits of participating in the College Completion Network and collaborating with fellow researchers and higher education practitioners.

Network Lead


The American Institutes for Research (AIR), in partnership with Eric Bettinger of Stanford University, serves as the network lead for the College Completion Network. As the network lead, AIR facilitates the collaborative activities of the research teams by organizing convenings, overseeing working groups, and more. AIR also is conducting research activities to complement the teams’ studies and is working to ensure that the teams’ findings reach policymakers and college leaders.

Network Lead Team

Eric Bettinger
Eric Bettinger, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Trey Miller
Trey Miller, Ph.D.
Co-Principal Investigator
Emily Loney
Emily Loney
Project Director
Joni Wackwitz
Joni Wackwitz
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